FUE hair transplant in Delhi

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Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a more advanced version of all previous hair transplants techniques such as strip harvesting transplantation or FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation). The treatment generally involves less invasive techniques wherein a patient’s hairline is reconstructed making sure their hair growth pattern is intact.

If you are looking for a permanent solution for all your hair problems then FUE hair transplant in Delhi is what you should go for. The method is usually done using advanced grafting technique which means fewer linear scars and stitches.

It is easy to find well-equipped medical facilities in Delhi; which is why it attracts a lot of people from all around the country who are looking for a basic health related needs. Moreover, if the level of treatment and practitioner are concern, Delhi has become the hot bed for providing best FUE hair transplant.

The FUE hair transplant cost in Delhi is bit on the lower side as compared to other cities which is why people from its neighboring city like Noida and Gurugram come to Delhi for hair transplants. The hair transplant clinics in Delhi follow strict standard protocol needed for carrying out any hair related treatments or surgeries.

How a FUE treatment is performed?

The first thing a doctor will do is prepare the donor area so that he can identify and remove healthy hairs. After that the doctor will remove the individual follicles from a patient’s scalp using a tiny instrument; further isolating the graft by making a tiny circle like incision around the follicular units. The follicular units are then arranged in group and later used as per a particular patient’s hair loss pattern.

FUE Hair Transplant Cost in Delhi

Every clinic and centre tries to offer the very best hair transplant therapy to all its patients so what is so different about FUE hair transplant in Delhi?

Doctors here in Delhi make sure that optimal placement of each follicles is done so that a natural result is achieved.

The FUE hair transplant cost in Delhi can depend on various factors like amount of hair loss and the number of grafts harvested and implanted and lastly the surgeon’s expertise. Though most hair transplant doctors provide free consultations beforehand. So as to discus and come to a conclusion and gain a patient’s confidence.

The FUE hair transplant provided in Delhi are often rated a little higher, the reason being the highly qualified doctors and their experience they bring to the table. The cost of per graft in Delhi would range from Rs. 25–150 INR. And if one is considering Delhi for a hair transplant surgery, he is making the right decision because Delhi is much cheaper than other parts of the world. Statistics suggests that per graft price in Delhi is 1/4th of that in countries like the USA, the UK and Europe.

As it is suggested that India’s medical facilities exceeds the expectations attracting people from all around the world. This also means people come here for hair transplant as well.

Even if people want to go for hair transplants, the cost might affect their decision. You can refer the chart given below for comparison. The cost might vary from clinic to clinic.

Below is the list of clinics that provides FUE treatments in Delhi:

  1. AK Clinics.

  1. Provelus Hair Transplant clinic.

  1. Dr. A’s Clinic.

  1. Richfeel Trichology Centre.

  1. Radiant Hair Transplant Clinic.

  1. DHI clinics.

  1. Olmec cosmetic surgery and hair transplant clinic.

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