Fine Benefits of Grapeseed Extracts Paving ways for New Treatments

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When we eat grapes, we often remove the grape seeds and the stalk. This part of the fruit, however, is just as nutritious as the grape itself. The seeds may be small, but have a lot of medicinal properties. Read this article to find out what the lesser known benefits of grape seed are.

The Use of Grape Seed

Perhaps some of you have heard of the fantastic material made from the sheet of grapes. Gradually, however, we discover that grapes have hidden more secrets under that sheet. Inside the grapes are small seeds that are now supposed to make the biggest contribution to our health, instead of the skin as we previously thought. Now let us have a look at the grapeseed extract elements.

The Core elements

The substance in grape seeds is called proanthocyanidin or oligomeric proanthocyanidin (not to be confused with anthocyanin, a similar substance that can be found in the skin of dark colored fruits). This substance is an extremely strong antioxidant that has been shown to offer an excess of health benefits, you should be aware of.

Grape seed Benefits

The proanthocyanidins have all the usual benefits that antioxidants have from reduced inflammation and accelerated recovery to stopping undesirable damage that free radicals cause in the body. According to an article published in the journal ‘Free Radical Biology and Medicine’, grape seed extract is particularly good at healing wounds.

According to Researchers

The researchers who did the research said “We have provided solid evidence that the topical application of DPPE (Grape seed proanthocyanidin extract) is a feasible and productive approach to help heal wounds on or on the skin.” Although they do not yet know how this process works, they do know that proanthocyanidins promote the production of cells in the endothelium. These cells play an important role in blood clotting.

Other Functions

Another important function of this antioxidant is its ability to help prevent skin cancer. With the help of hairless mice, researchers were able to delay the formation of skin tumors when an appropriate dose of grape seed extract was administered. Proanthocyanidin in combination with calcium can also promote bone strength and it has been used as a treatment for bone weakness, which is caused by a deficiency of calcium. When it comes to benefits for heart and blood vessels, this antioxidant is superior to vitamins A, C and E and has the potential to protect blood vessels from damage, effectively lowering blood pressure in people with chronic high blood pressure.

Grape Seed Extract Powder

There are a number of possibilities when it comes to supplementing your diet with grape seed extract, but only a few of them will work in your situation. In reality it depends. If you want to get anthocyanin or resveratrol from the skin, eating grapes is probably the best way to do that, but that does not apply to proanthocyanidins. Comparable to watermelon and other fruits with seeds, we get rid of grapes slowly from their seeds, because they taste very bitter. Most of the grapes that are sold today are seedless, making this specific antioxidant removed.

The seeds are available separately to eat, but because of their pronounced bitter taste it is very difficult to find them tasty. The last option is really the easiest and probably the most cost efficient. This option consists of the powder of grapeseed extract. For those who cannot have the bitter taste, the powder is also in a capsule, which means that you can simply swallow the capsule with water every morning.

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