Experience The Advanced Therapies Involved In Regenerative Medicine

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At a Gentera Center

Regenerative medicine is valuable for patients since it’s a type of therapy that uses their bodies’ own particular assets to mend itself. The stem and regenerative cells put away in your body fat could be compared to little doctors who analyze and adjust singular zones of the body needing exceptional consideration. Cell Therapy consolidates science with medicine to discover courses for the body to recuperate, regardless of whether it is with stem cells or blood plasma.

At Gentera Center(s) you can experience these type of services. Gentera is an innovative facility that has a well trained staff and experienced skilled physicians in Regenerative Medicine.  They will help you get your body hydrated and refreshed with IV Nutrition,  the most efficient way to rehydrate the body and to distribute the nutrients your body needs to rejuvenate, recover, and restore its natural balance.

Gentera promotes lifestyle through regenerative and precision medicine. They have hormone & nutritional specialists available to discuss concerns with you at any time as well as cosmetic surgeons on board to speak to you about your beauty enhancements.  Gentera’ s medical team feature seasoned medical experts in each area of treatments they offer.

Gentera originally opened in Miami, Florida and they are currently gearing up to open a few more locations beginning with Southern California. Their new location is located at 22235 Sherman Way, Suite 100,  Canoga Park inside the wellness and fitness club, Athletic Society.

They will be offering specials prior to their big launch in Spring 2018. Some of their event promotions will include IV Drips, Shots Bar,B12 shots and more. Custom Blends will also be available. They will also be offering Free Cardio Scans in honor of American Heart Month.

Please visit: https://www.gentera-med.com/los-angeles  to learn more on Gentera and their services.





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