Erectile dysfunction: Don’t let it Ruin your Equation with your Partner

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Erectile dysfunction – which was at a point of time largely regarded as an untreatable sexual bane – today has come to be viewed more considerately and quite rightly so. Erectile dysfunction – very common among not-so-young men (which of course doesn’t mean that young men cannot experience this particular sexual problem) is totally treatable and not something to be ashamed of. For sufferers, who are still living in a state of denial or are too ashamed to discuss the problem thinking that it’s a blot on your machismo—it’s time to think again.

It doesn’t have to have the Final Say!

Erectile dysfunction very simply refers to a condition characterized by the inability of the male partner to achieve a firm erection during sexual intercourse. If not addressed on time, it can even go on to spell an end of a relationship. Your partner has the right to enjoy a thoroughly fulfilling sexual experience. Don’t deprive her of the same by just letting the problem persist.

How a sexologist can help

While regular medication as has been prescribed by a credentialed sexologist definitely helps, it is also important to know that your lifestyle itself might have to do a lot with ED. Do you know that regular habits of men like smoking, alcohol, lack of sleep and exercise are regarded as potent causes behind erectile dysfunction?

So, the simplest remedy to knock off the problem would be to work on these habits. We are not saying that you will be able to cure completely just by sleeping well, exercising regularly and refraining from alcohol and tobacco. But what we are saying is that you can minimize risks to a great extent by adopting these habits. In fact, these are a few good habits that should be embraced by everyone looking to stay in great shape.

Ways to Beat ED: Medicines and Lifestyle Habits

Your sexologist might as well prescribe alternative medicine that helps people with erectile dysfunction. Besides following his instructions you can just go on to educate yourself about common lifestyle habits that are considered to be potential triggers.

Besides the ones already mentioned above, do know for a fact that stress, anxiety and the wrong diet can also lead to the problem. While we are particularly not in control of the situations that are likely to cause stress in our lives, we can definitely control the way we deal with stress. It’s completely in our control not to let anxiety assume a monstrous shape to break us down physically and emotionally. Adopting a more positive approach towards life and developing an indomitable urge to take challenges in your stride will inevitably help you deal with stress in a more desirable fashion.

Open Up!

Last but not the least; make sure you are discussing the problem with your sexologist thoroughly. Do research the medicines prescribed by him. Do keep in touch with him while you are taking these medicines so that you can report side effects (if any) and get them addressed without delay!

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