Why Environment Matters in Addiction Rehabilitation & Recovery

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When people are habitual users of alcohol or drugs, they tend to spend lots of time in environments where they are accepted by fellow habitual users. This becomes another mechanism that drives addictive behaviors as unhealthy places and people enable to continue to harm themselves through substance abuse. Most addiction treatment specialists believe that the people and surroundings of someone using drugs or alcohol are an important contributing factor in their continued addiction, due to the enabling environment they exist in.

How Environment Can Improve the Effectiveness of Rehab

Many people are fearful of entering rehab as they have an expectation of some kind of enforced discipline that will suck all the pleasure out of life. The majority can’t even imagine a life without drugs or alcohol despite having taken the first step towards getting treatment.

And so finding the right facility with the best energy for effective, long-term results is essential

The environment of a luxury rehab facility provides the perfect space in which to make the necessary and often fundamental changes required to adjust to life in sobriety.

The specific benefits of providing the best environment for drug and alcohol addiction treatment include:

Full Scope of Treatment Services

A broad range of treatment options are available at high-end facilities including plenty of holistic, experiential and medical therapies. This allows patients to explore the best coping skills for them to learn and incorporate into their lives in recovery.

Mindfulness practices like yoga and meditation allow patients to develop their own way of dealing with stressful situations and circumstances that they can draw on and benefit from when they return to their daily lives and the years following.

Some patients respond very well to the more unusual experiential approaches that more exclusive rehab centers have on offer including equine-assisted therapy.

Working with horses who are among the most sensitive and responsive of animals can help patients to better understand their own thoughts and feelings. Being in an outdoor environment and developing a bond with an animal of the stature of a horse can be an extremely significant experience for patients in rehab.

Friendly and Accepting Environment

People with addiction issues are not to be castigated and, of course, deserve of the respect of others. Many have become isolated in their addiction as they fear the harsh judgment of others or a lack of understanding as to what drives their compulsion to abuse alcohol or drugs.

Rehab represents the opportunity for addicts to step outside of their isolation and into a welcoming and completely non-judgmental environment. It is often their first opportunity to really speak honestly about how they are feeling and what they are thinking, without fear of reproach.

Being in the company of others with similar addiction issues is also a beneficial aspect of the environment of a specialist treatment center as it provides patients with acceptance. Individual, group and also family therapy are key components of rehab and important in establishing fresh perspectives on the relationships patients have with themselves and those close to them.

Well Rounded Treatment Staff

The patient to staff ratio tends to lower the more treatment costs, although it is extremely important in delivering a more effective program with longer-lasting results. Specialists across the addiction spectrum are available to deal with underlying mental health issues including psychiatrists, psychotherapists and others specializing in holistic practices like yoga and meditation. Good nutrition is also important for effective addiction treatment and good quality facilities such as Ranch Creek Recovery will have  nutritionists on-hand to provide important education on a healthy diet in recovery.

Individualized and Continuous Care

The best rehab facilities provide personalized and continuous treatment programs that have been created after considerable evaluation and assessment of each patient. Because recovery is a lifelong commitment, care is extended to beyond the residential or outpatient rehab program so that patients are supported for as long as they need. There are so many facets and factors of addiction and each  individual will have a different experience of it in their lives. Finding the best environment in which to complete a rehabilitation program is an extremely important factor in achieving sobriety.

Choose the Best Environment for the Most Effective Addiction Treatment

Because of the powerful influence surroundings have on an addict’s behavior, it is essential to remove them from existing people and places in order to begin rehabilitation from the illness. California rehab offers luxurious environments with highly-qualified staff dedicated to delivering an individualized and effective treatment plan. California rehabilitation centers are fortunate to have some beautiful settings, lending themselves well to some really innovative therapies that embrace nature such as garden therapy. In terms of the environment, a  California rehabilitation center has significant advantages, providing the perfect escape from all association to addiction so that the way can be paved for a new life in sobriety.

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