Ensuring a safe Night’s Sleep for your Baby

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A peaceful sleep is important for the growth of your baby. A baby, owing to disturbed sleep, may feel irritated all day long and wouldn’t be as active as they should be. Disturbed sleep also causes effects on mental health of the body so, it a peaceful and adequate sleep for the baby is really a necessity. Among the various factors that affect the sleep of a baby, diaper holds the utmost importance. Let’s have a look at how diapers can affect the sleep of your baby at night.


The skin of a baby is very sensitive; a little amount of wetness due to leakage of diapers can cause irritation on their skin and wake them up. It is important for you to ensure that the brand of diapers you have selected is not prone to get leaked easily and can block the wetness for a longer period of time.



A diaper, if handled incorrectly or on a sensitive skin, can be a cause of rashes on the skin of the baby. The type of diapers can also be a cause of rashes, and rashes, in turn, can be a cause of disturbed sleep of your baby. Cloth diapers are more likely to be a cause of rashes on the skin of your baby so be extremely careful in selecting the type of diapers you are going to get.

Timely Change of Diaper

The sleep of some babies can easily get disturbed if they wet the diapers and wetness touch their skin. You need to change the diapers after a specific period of time so that your baby could have a peaceful and sound sleep.

Allergic Reaction

Some type of diapers may also evoke anallergic reaction on the skin of the baby. Diapers made of inferior quality can also be a cause of allergic reactions. They may cost lesser than the high-quality ones but they are definitely not good for the sleep and overall health of your kid.

Type of Diapers

One of an essential requirement, for not only the peaceful sleep but for overall skin care, for a baby is the selection of the right type of diaper. Two most common type of diapers that are used is cloth diapers and disposable diapers. Cloth diapers can cost less than the disposable ones but are more prone to leakage and causing rashes on the baby’s skin. However, disposable diapers do not leave a good impact on theenvironment because they cannot be decomposed easily and add to the already piled up environmental problems. On the basis of their pros and cons and the sensitivity of the skin of your baby, you need to decide the right type of diaper.

Newborn babies tend to sleep for about 16 hours a day. However, the duration of their sleep reduces with their growth.Disturbed sleep can get them cranky or overtired, hence it is necessary for you to find the right measures for their peaceful and sound sleep.

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