Ensure Your Healthy Lifestyle With Preventive Health Checkups

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We are not living a healthy life today. Our healthy lifestyle has come to an end. This is because people are leading a busy life today. This makes them have no time to involve their self in physical activities. This leads to unhealthy life and is the main reason for different diseases like chronic heart diseases, mental disturbances like stress, cancers, diabetes and a number of hormonal imbalances. In order to prevent our lifestyle from these diseases, we have to plan and execute proper health check-up like preventive health checkup.

A preventive health check up includes yearly or monthly preventive tests that increase the chances for treatment and cure. This is basically depending on the people’s age, family history, their gene, and their habits like smoking, drinking etc. Taking a preventive health care will give you a number of advantages. According to many health care physicians, Prevention is better than cure is widely accepted. This indicates that taking preventive health care will help a person to get rid of harmful diseases and help them to lead a healthy lifestyle.

A research states that the coronary heart diseases and other chronic diseases have a decline in their occurrence because of the proper preventive measures like complete body checkup taken by the people. In addition, the introduction of proper and regular immunization is the sole reason for the elimination of the deadly diseases. Also, in the practice of medical care, preventive health care get most importance over anything. It is found that more than 60 to 70% of these diseases are prevented because of the timely estimation and intervention.

Know your body health with preventive health checkup

Example to say, a heart attack may not be sudden but can occur due to steadyaccretion of cholesterol in blood vessels. Apreventive health checkup will help a person to find the cholesterollevel and allow them to make diet changes to reduce the intake of fat. Also, it helps you to keep yourself knowledgeable about your body condition and it will help you to make intelligent decisions regarding your health. 

Who can take preventive health care?

Normally, these checkups are suitable for people with middle age. That is, this checkup can be taken by people of working age-group from 35 to 65. It is recommended that women and men above 35 to 40 years of the age should take time to time preventive health checkups. It is helpful for the persons to predict some of the significant family diseases.

For example, diseases like diabetes, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer of breasts, high cholesterol level, colon, prostate etc occur due to genetic problems and can be predicted with the help of preventive health care. In addition to the preventive health checkup, one must also take normal preventive measures like availability of fresh air, clean potable water, regular physical workouts, sufficient rest, balanced and nutritious diet, avoidance of taking alcohol, smoking and tobacco use, immunization against certain diseases and of course regular medical checkup. All these measures will help a person to lead a healthy lifestyle.


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