Eliminate frozen expressions with Botox, the skin treatment

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Botox is the trade name for injecting a substance into skin and this inhibits the muscle movement and thus prevents wrinkles from worsening or developing. The name botox actually is derived from botulous and it means sausage.

It is referred to as the substance as it is related to a poison that is occurring naturally which and this can be found in bad meat products at dangerous levels. However, the same poisonous substance comes down to purity when it is used for cosmetic purposes.

What is Botox used for?

The Botox injections are the most popular cosmetic treatments and there are a plethora of celebs taking this youth-keeping injection. This is the reason it is highly popular and Botox is pretty useful as it also stops excessive sweating. In fact, now men are also getting botox injected.

How does Botox work?

The injections of cosmetic botox works by blocking the signals of the nerve to certain muscles.  These muscles become highly relaxed and this in turn diminishes the fine lines and skin wrinkles. You can consult qualified practitioner at Cliniqueantiaging.com.

Botox prices actually fluctuate depending on the place you go and you get this done and also the areas you get this treatment done.

Some companies offer an area for around £200 mark and most offer packages in case you wish for more areas of treatment. It is worth researching before undergoing the treatment and making it a point to remember that this is an expensive treatment, so taking a learned decision helps.

How long it lasts?

Botox freezes the movement of the muscle by blocking neuro-transmitters and this is the effect that lasts for 4 to 6 months and it means you require a few times top-ups a year in case you maintain you’re the look of line-free.

Bear in mind that having the Botox injected once means the muscles effects usually are apparent in a few hours time and thus the effects start appearing in a week’s time.


Botox is a popular cosmetic surgery treatment and there is every year millions administered with Botox treatments. People are fans and love this treatment as it has the ability to cure migraines, excessive sweating, bladder and bowel disorders and muscular disorders.


Botox is a safe treatment, but getting it done from a medical qualified professional is the best so that it ensures getting in the right area the correct amount.

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