Efficiency of Online pharmacy deliveries in India

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There are guidelines in order to provide online medications but more than the set of guidelines key solutions to offering services become more important in rapidly growing sectors.

Take the example of online pharmacy in India where the benefits of the sector foster for the consumers and provide quality affordable services. There are pioneers in the sector who provide e-medicines that are selling permitted drugs and entrusted by the government of the country. There efficiency also includes


Any pharmacy operates under the IT act. Especially in a technology driven generic e-Commerce marketplace that offers a variety of products such as electronics, clothes, fashion, furniture, branded cosmetics, besides medicine are entrusted by the government of the country. There are a set of laws that are imposed while selling these products online and this model prohibits the advertisement and sale of drugs that are not permitted and in violation of the Drugs & Cosmetics Rules.


Distribution of medicine online is uncontrolled therefore has to be done in accordance to the law of the country. The agenda of any government in the health sector is to provide easy access to the quality and affordable health services. Alongside it ensures that the consumers are familiar with the new evolving concept of e Pharmacy.  Safeguarding the interest of the consumers online pharmacy in India abide by the laws and deal with the demands with implementation of a prescription including the components for preparation and delivery of a drug by the agent mentioned clearly. They also ensure that the containers are labelled appropriately.


The onus lies on the pharmacies to make use of the growing sector by aimed at analyzing the growth with a new perspective and channel innovation in the field. The potential and challenges of this sector and sale of medicines is not limited to profiteering but to serve the consumers. The buyers or agents have to be confident in finding key solutions to address the need of the patients.


The validation of conventional stationary pharmacies is considered reliable mainly because of usually controlled distribution. However, good distribution or home delivery of pharmaceuticals is also an advantage to patients if problems of counterfeit medicine can be solved. The manufactures role to provide the desirable convenience is crucial in this aspect and many online pharmacies are trying to meet the standards in the best possible ways.

Good Storage conditions

Dispensing drugs through shipment is a major challenge while transporting by mail and parcel post. The concern most of the times would be over the temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals. A better shipping condition that ensures proper storage of high and low temperatures is rather difficult but not impossible. It can be overcome by ensure the duration of the medicines outside of the listed storage conditions in a particular ambient temperature. The use of insulated shipping containers that help control drug temperatures and reduction in transit time helps reduce risks to compromise on drug safety and efficacy.

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