Why Dr. Suresh Advani Is Called The Best Oncologist

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The word cancer brings fear in our mind but imagine the plight of the people who have been diagnosed with this dreadful disease. They feel totally helpless and lost. At this point, we would like to assure you that with early detection and proper treatment you can fight your battle with cancer. Getting your treatment done by an experienced and dedicated oncologist like Dr. Suresh Advani can help you conquer cancer.

Talking about Dr. Suresh Advani, let us add that he has the experience of more than four decades in this field. He chooses to become an oncologist at a time when hardly any doctor would opt for this branch of medicine.

This is nothing new as Dr. Suresh Ambani was always a fighter and succeeds in things which seem impossible. At a young age of eight, he was struck with polio which left him wheelchair-bound however he did not let his disability come in the way of him becoming the best oncologist in India.

On the contrary, his resolve became more firm and at the tender age of eight he decided to become a doctor and serve the people. The journey was full of ups and downs but not once did he lose hope. Even when he was denied admission for MBBS at Grant Medical College he did not give up, he asked for help from ministers, hospital authorities and other and finally succeed in getting the admission.

 Early Life

Dr. Suresh Advani was in Karachi now in Pakistan on August 1st, 1947. The family moved to India due to partition and stayed in Deolali but later relocated to Mumbai in 1955.

He did his schooling in Ghatkopar and graduated from Somaiya College.

Determination helps conquer all odds

His perseverance, hard work and dedication paid off and he won many awards and distinctions while in Grant Medical College. Not only this, after completing his MD and working at Tata Memorial Hospital for a short span, he went to London to train at Royal Marsden Hospital.

Dr. Suresh Advani did not stop here; he went to Seattle to Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center where he had the privilege to work with Dr. E Donnall Thomas, the Nobel Laureate in medicine who is called the Father of Bone-Marrow Transplant. Here he underwent training in bone-marrow transplant.

Dr. Advani’s journey to become the best oncologist in India

Dr. Advani works long hard hours going from one hospital to another. Looking at his work schedule it is hard to believe that he is wheel-chair bound. He never let his physical disability come in the way of his work.

Before his retirement, Dr. Suresh Advani was the chief of medical oncology at Tata Memorial Hospital. He is the one who helped set up the oncology department at the renowned Jaslok Hospital where he is currently the Director of the oncology department.

Earlier he used to travel to Delhi for consultations at Apollo Hospital. Now he visits S. L. Raheja, Jaslok, Asian Cancer Institute and Susruth Hospitals.

Milestone he achieved

Dr. Suresh Advani is called the Father of bone-marrow transplant in India as he was the first oncologist to successfully do this procedure on a nine-year old girl who was suffering from myeloid leukemia.

Because of his achievements and relentless hard work he has been awarded Padma Bhushan, Padma Shri, Dhanvantari Award by the Government of India.

He has laid down such high standards with his selfless services to the society that other oncologists and medical students consider him to be their role model.

Dr. Suresh Advani a savior for many cancer patients

Dr. Advani is considered the best oncologist by thousands of cancer survivors and their families. The way he connects with his patients and inspires them to fight this disease is legendary. Not only is he well-recognized all over India but even international patients don’t mind travelling to Mumbai for their treatment.

According to Dr. Suresh Advani, cancer treatments have revolutionized in the past decade with thousands of drugs available in the market and new treatments invented with the help of research and technology.

However, he feels tobacco products should be banned in India as 40% of cancers are linked to the usage of tobacco.

He has started an NGO, Helping Hand which offers Holistic cancer care to underprivileged patients.

For comprehensive and quality cancer treatment there is no one better than Dr. Suresh Advani. That is the opinion of thousands of cancer patients who had the privilege to be treated by him.

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