Does Medical Marijuana Contain Any Proteins Or Vitamins?

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Marijuana has been shown to have a number of health benefits, but marijuana, or rather hemp seed, also has a number of nutrients.

Archeological Evidence: Before you could simply get medical marijuana delivery, even before laws had been written about consumption of marijuana, hemp was used by many cultures as a food source. The seeds were cooked and eaten just like any other crop, and helped contribute to the health and longevity of our ancestors.

Vitamins in Marijuana: Hemp seeds contain vitamins E and A, both important to the body. Vitamin E is important for the heart, and helps prevent the hardening of blood vessel walls, known as atherosclerosis. Vitamin A is important for the elasticity of our skin, and for the cells in our lungs.Image result for Does Medical Marijuana Contain Any Proteins Or Vitamins?

Protein in Marijuana: Marijuana is high in protein content, most of which is made up of a protein called edestin protein. Edestin strongly resembles albumin, another protein that is naturally produced by humans. This makes the protein in hemp seeds very useful to the human body since it easily enters the human system through the consumption of hemp seeds.   

Health Oil and Fat: In addition to protein and vitamins, marijuana is also high in healthy natural oils. The fat content of hemp seeds can help prevent heart attacks, cancer, and other problems that are common in Westernized countries.

If you receive medical marijuana delivery and enjoy edibles, you are probably already consuming these nutrients, but for a more concentrated source, you can add hemp seeds to your cooking. There are plenty of recipes that include hemp seeds online and these seeds are compatible with a lot of everyday foods. So next time you call for your Santa Monica marijuana delivery, or Beverly Hills marijuana delivery, add some hemp seed to the mix for some extra good nutrition. Check out for the best options regarding cannabis delivery in Los Angeles.

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