Cost Of Allergy Tests And Why You Should Not See Them As Expensive

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The cost of allergy tests can vary, depending on the type of allergy testing that will be done, and the number of triggers that will be tested on your body. Generally, there are two types of allergy tests: skin prick and blood. Skin prick tests tend to be less expensive. However, the range can be quite wide. The cost can be anything between $60 and $200, depending on how many allergens or allergy triggers your physician would recommend you take.

The cost of allergy tests for blood is more expensive. It can range from $200 to $1000, again, depending on the types and the number of triggers to be tested. Don’t worry about the cost yet, though, as most allergists and immunologists would recommend skin tests first. Most of them do not conduct blood tests unless absolutely necessary (i.e. when the results of the skin testing is unreadable because of skin conditions like eczema, or if the patient cannot stop taking antihistamines because the allergy would then attack his or her immune system).

Most people forgo having allergy tests because they are threatened by the price tags. Truly, the cost of allergy tests is high compared to other laboratory tests. However, it can save lives. In some cases, it can even save money.

Alice, 45, has been guessing her “allergies” since she was a child. Her family members are allergic to many triggers including pollen, peanuts, eggs, dairy, fish, shrimps, alcohol, and chlorine. As a result, she has lived a very limited life. Her diet, a short list of very tasteless, often expensive food. She never tried to have a test because of the cost of allergy tests. Ironically, she spends twice as much as other people do on food and nutrient sources. She has also lived all her life away from the pool.

Finally, her husband convinced her to have some allergy tests done. They started with the basics: peanuts, eggs, dairy, fish and shrimps. It turns out she was not in the least bit allergic to any of these triggers. She spent all her life avoiding these foods and at 45, she will now experience eating them for the first time. She was certainly allergic to pollen as she suffers from hay fever but her doctor did not have to conduct a test for this. It was already a given. Next, she was tested for alcohol and chlorine, both of which her body was able to tolerate well.

The point of this story is that Alice, now 45, spend most of her life missing out on so many things because she was threatened by the cost of allergy tests. He skin patch tests did cost a lot because they tested many triggers, but they were not impossible to live with. What she can no longer bring back is the enjoyment she missed out on when she had an imagined fear of allergies for things her body could have tolerated well enough.

Allergy tests are very helpful but it is also true that not everyone needs them. To be sure that you are spending your money smartly, consult a physician first about your concerns. Those who truly need the allergy tests will be guided accordingly. If your fear of allergies is getting in the way of your life and your enjoyment of it, it is time to talk to your allergist

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