Composite and porcelain facings- Two options for cracked teeth solution

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Everyone likes to have white shining teeth with regular brushing. However, many of us face problem while cracks occur between two teeth. We may also find that few of our teeth have got broken. To solve all these issues, facing can be the right solution for refreshing our smile.

Is the facing an appropriate option for you?

Facing is the layer, created with composite or porcelain that is usually a tooth-colored element. The dentists place it over your teeth’s facial part. It is the best option for correcting the alignment of teeth. While you have found cracks, chips, spacing, discoloration and worn enamel, you have to approach the dentist.

The price for facing can differ due to your choice of materials- composite or porcelain. To know the overall cost, you have to find out how many facings you have applied. Porcelain is higher in price than that of the composite ones.

Which facing is better for you?

While you have chosen the composite version, you will have the solution with one appointment. However, for porcelain facing, you have to rely on 2 appointments. The dentists, at first, take your teeth impression. Then, you have to choose the facing color. This impression is applied in the lab by dentists to create the facing. They prepare the facing using adhesive layer. After this process is over, you will be able to enjoy the shinning teeth.

We have found that most of the facings last for 5 to 10 years. However, your own lifestyle may cause a variance in the stability of your facings. For regular smokers and coffee drinkers, these facings will not retain their beautiful look for the longer time. For instance, those, who have a habit of biting nails, may experience facing worn-out at a faster rate.

After having the dental treatment, you can chew or eat your food normally. However, you must not eat the tougher foods, like nuts. You will not feel pain while placing facing.

Most of the dentists prefer the porcelain versions. These facings do not have a chance to get discolored. The dental professionals may also present you with facings of various shades. The porcelain ones are also more durable than the composite elements. The maintenance needs for these facings are not much high.

Thus, speak to your dentists and get the solution of cracked teeth by applying the facing at the right place.

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