A Complete Guide To Know About Steroid Cycle

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Developing dense lean muscle mass and shedding excess fat are the two important things that any bodybuilder wants to get a muscular physique. To get the body of your dreams, it is important to choose the best steroids for cutting and bulking cycle. The right selection of the steroids depending on your body type would help you get the best results from it.

What should be the ideal length of a steroid cycle?

There are several different lengths of steroid cycle for lean muscle mass. Each of them has their own lengths and produced unique results for a person. Also, a few people prefer to go for multiple cycles, while others like only one steroid cycle to fulfill their fitness objective.

What is one cycle of steroids?

It is the steroid cycle wherein a bodybuilder takes steroid doses on a regular basis. It can be daily, alternate days, or weekly.  Typical cycle includes a twelve-week cycle that is an average of the longer sixteen weeks steroid cycles and shorter eight weeks steroid cycles.

Short steroid cycles

This type of steroid cycle goes for less than eight weeks.

Four-week steroid cycle

Sometimes bodybuilders, who are looking for fast gains, choose four-week steroid cycle. Such cycles are followed by 4 weeks off. Though it minimizes the risks of adverse effects associated with anabolic steroid use, but makes use of harsh steroids.

Are there any side effects caused due to cutting steroids consumption?

Excess intake of any of the cutting steroid can get you some temporary side effects such as testosterone suppression, increased cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, acne, gynecomastia, and hair loss. To lessen the possibility of side effects, it is recommended to use PCT post steroid bulking or cutting cycle.

Why should one always go for a PCT after steroid cycle?

Prolonged use of anabolic steroid can make your body to stop producing testosterone. This is reason PCT or post-cycle therapy is being used extensively by the bodybuilders to maintain their testosterone levels. If you are going for short cycles, you can continue with the use of testosterone. It will help you in maintaining the levels without using too much of PCT.


Most of the bodybuilders recommend people to include steroids in the form of cutting or bulking cycle. Consuming it in this way would help them get effective results in less time. Getting the help of an experienced physician would guide you to achieve high quality, legal and safe results.

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