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With technological advancements, there are several improvising methods invented for skin tightening. So besides their plus points, a lot of unnecessary myths and misconceptions have also surfaced about them, which needs to be debunked with the truth. Clinique Anti Aging solutions contradict all these myths and provide the right solutions to each problem accordingly.

#Myth 1 – Treatment is applicable only to one area

Some believe that skin tightening treatments are only applicable to some areas of the body. It is a common myth that it is restricted to face and thighs only. But this is false as skin tightening solutions can be availed for different areas of the face, chest, arms, legs, neckline, buttocks, thighs, abdomen, and much more.

#Myth 2 – Skin tightening solutions are meant for saggy skin only

It is common knowledge that skin tightening can lead to a reduction or complete removal of saggy skin. But skin tightening is not used solely for that purpose. It is also used for the reduction of wrinkles, and aging lines.

#Myth 3 – Treatment is not safe for a darker skin tone

This myth is true to those who do not have complete knowledge of the various procedures. Laser skin treatments are not recommended for individuals with dark, oily, sensitive or dry skin. Especially, in the cases of oily skin, the oil content in the skin tends to heat up when it is exposed to the laser.

But there are several other techniques that can be used for dark skin like RF or skin tightening procedures that use radio frequency. There is no risk of inflammatory hyperpigmentation as melanin chromophores are not focused upon in this treatment. Hence, skin tightening is safe for all skin tones provided the individual knows which treatment to undertake.

#Myth 4 – Skin tightening treatments are not effective

This is but obvious a myth otherwise skin tightening treatments would not have been so popular. They are very effective in nature and last for a good number of years. However, regular maintenance sessions are a requisite as one cannot stop the skin from its natural aging process.

With an instant solution to every age-related problem, these treatments have definitely proved to be a boon. Believing in myths will only keep you away from their many benefits. So it’s time to discard such myths and have an open-minded approach towards skin tightening solutions. For, this will eventually lead to more youthful skin and body.

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