Common Problems Affecting Your Skin

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Glowing skin adds to one’s beauty. Women are particularly finical about how their skin looks. However, skin problems are common to both men and women. Here are some most common skin disorders you should know about.

Acne: It is the most common kind of skin problem affecting mainly the teens. However, the problem is also on rise in the adults. The underlying cause of acne is hormonal change that causes heavy oil secretion blocking the pores. Acne is an umbrella term referring to cysts, nodules and blackheads. It usually appears on face but could affect other body parts like chest and back. If you have acne, you should undergo treatment at Dr Ted Lain Dermatology clinic because if it is neglected, it could leave dark facial spots and scars.


Atopic dermatitis, also known as eczema, is a common dermatological problem in children. The exact cause of eczema is still not clear. According to the researchers, it may be caused due to genetics, immune system or environment.

In infants, the problem usually appears on the face. In adults, it surfaces on other body parts like feet, hands as well as folds and creases of the skin. The common symptoms are dry, itchy and scaly skin. Constant scratching could cause thickening of the area. Eczema often appears with allergies but allergies don’t lead to eczema. The dermatologists often prescribe topical steroids to relieve the symptoms.


It is better to take preventive measures against sunburns than to treat the problem. It occurs due to too much exposure to ultraviolet light coming from sunrays. The skin becomes red and may even peel away. It could be hot to touch and even be painful. It’s still unknown how much time in the sun will not cause sunburns. Therefore, you should use sunscreen lotions before going out in the sun. Several recurrences of sunburns in children could even cause cancer later in their life.

Take a shower and apply mild soaps on the exposed parts of your body after returning home when it is sunny outside. Use a mild, oil-free moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated. Alternatively, you can use aloe vera when the skin is still not dry. Have plenty of water and fruit juice. These are all protective measures to prevent sunburns. However, if it occurs, you can take an NSAID to ease discomfort. If you have fever, coughs or severe blistering over a larger part of your body, see a dermatologist immediately. Make sure not scratch those as it could cause infection.

Athlete’s Foot (Tinea Pedis)

Your feet are not immune to fungal infections. Tinea Pedis – commonly called athlete’s foot – can cause you discomfort in form of redness on skin, itching and cracked feet. It is caused by dermatophytes, which is a fungi living in moist, warm areas like pools, locker rooms and shower stalls.

OTC is an antifungal treatment highly effective to cure this dermatological problem. However, it may take a few weeks for the infections to go away. Consult your doctor if the problem is not responsive to treatment. Make sure to keep your feet dry and clean. Change shoes and shocks and wear sandals in shower area or pool.

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