Clinical Thermometer And Its Advantages

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Thermometer is an instrument used to measure the temperature of the body or any object. There are several different types of thermometers to measure the temperatutre of things as varied as air, bodies, foods and any object we intend to. They are very helpful in establishing whether an individual is suffering from fever. Doctors have traditionally used thermometers to check the temperature of patients prior to establishing the course of treatment.

Thermometers have developed and advanced tremendously over the years, making it easier for us to measure the hotness or coldness of the body. The device helps not only to measure the heat of the body but also quantify it in mathematical terms as well. So, we have Celsius (˚C), Kelvin (K) and Fahrenheit (˚F) as different units of measuring temperature.

At present, we have a wide variety of thermometers in the market, including –

  • Clinical thermometers

  • Laboratory thermometers

  • Galileo thermometers

  • Maximum-minimum thermometers

  • Digital remote thermometers

They all serve different purposes and among them, the most commonly used are the clinical thermometer. They are one of the most basic medical tools available at hospitals and clinics.

Clinical thermometer and its usages

Be it home, clinics or hospitals, people can use clinical thermometer and check their body temperature with ease. It is a slight modification of the mercury thermometer but serves the same purposes.

Let’s look at usages and utility of the thermometer –

  • Meant for clinical purposes

  • Used to measure the human body temperature

  • Basically a long narrow glass tube with a bulb and has mercury at the end

  • It has the range 35˚C to 42˚C (human body temperature fluctuates between 35˚C to 42˚C)

  • It’s smaller in size than the laboratory thermometer.

  • Due to a constriction in the tube, the mercury never contracts or flows back when the device is removed from human body

  • It’s simple to record the maximum temperature of the body

  • To use the thermometer again, the mercury threads is shaken back into the bulb

Things to care about with a clinical thermometer  

It’s easy to know thermometer price online and then buy what is a very useful tool for measuring body heat. It should however be used with a lot of care and precautions to get the best results possible.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while using these thermometers –

  • The thermometer should be placed or kept in a cool place or at room temperature. Never store in the hot sun or near an open flame

  • Handle with care as they are fragile and might break if hit against some hard object

  • Always wash the device before and after use, and if possible, use an antiseptic solution for the same

  • To use again, shake the device a few times so that the mercury level can return to normal

  • Make sure the mercury level is below 35 °C or 94 °F before you use

  • Never hold the device by its bulb, and always keep the mercury along the line of sight for better reading


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