What is Breast augmentation & how your body reacts to it?

Breast Augmentation is, implanting your breast for a better and enhanced look. This is basically done to change the size, make breast even and some time to reconstruct the texture of women’s breast.

Augmentation Mammoplasty is often referred to a procedure which involves the number of surgeries that are performed for the ultimate goal of Breast reconstruction. A multi-stage reconstruction process is followed wherein a tissue expander is used to enlarge breasts and reconstruct them to the required size, shape, and texture according to the patient.

ActiveGEL is a hydrophilic implant with widest of applicability that includes contour face correction, and also helps recover from the likes of mammoplasty.

There are many advantages of using this gel, such as-

Unevenness or asymmetries while breast enlargement or buttocks are also curable with use of active gel. Even after this, natural body changes can be visible of which it acts as a help to cure, wrinkles, swelling and other reactions.

Unlike other alternatives, it is painless for its use and for the purpose of anesthesia, an anesthetic cream is used. The overall process ensures minimal discomfort and no pain.

It is very easy to use, a needle has to be injected with the fluid in the thicker part of the skin, and also this process takes just 10-30 minutes of time.

It adheres to strict safety standards and studies confirm active gel to DSTU ISO 10993 standards of safety. Clinical studies of same have confirmed it as a safe product to be used.

It contains Hydrogel; studies reveal Hydrogel as to be a better alternative for silicone, which makes it safer for use of enhancement of breast. The unique property of it has proved it to become a universal gel.

It contains the positive charge of implant blocks oxidative stress due to which postoperative complications are reduced and the patient can stay away from unwanted inflammations.

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