Bite Correction with Invisalign Express

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Bite disorder is a widespread problem among children and adults alike. In fact, as much as 90% of the world’s population experiences bite disorder – it’s just some people have it less prominent than the other.

Apart from aesthetic unease, bite disorder is part of a more serious problem. Malocclusion of teeth interferes with the process of eating and chewing, complicate daily dental hygiene routine and deform the jawline. Moreover, bite disorders cause premature aging and create an aging mouth.

Funnily, most people do not connect health issues such as back pains or stress with bite disorders and so are getting an altogether different treatment than they really need. To know for sure, book a consultation with an orthodontist and start fixing the problems instead of going in circles.  

The bite is correct when the upper and lower dental arches are aligned, the upper teeth overlap the lower teeth and, overall, lower and upper teeth are in a proper contact with each other. Otherwise, the patients experience:

  •        headaches;
  •        jaw pain;
  •        insomnia;
  •        bruxism (teeth grinding);
  •        tension of facial muscles, etc.

Ideal jaw position, therefore, is not just a cosmetic whim but a necessary attribute for your health and self-confidence.

Different types of bite disorders


Overbite is a bite disorder where upper teeth stick out prominently over the low teeth. This makes the chin look very small.


Opposite to overbite, underbite is a condition where lower teeth stick forward and upper teeth are positioned behind them. This creates a “bulldog” appearance.

Open bite

Open bite means there is a space between front upper and front low teeth. It is hard to bite and oftentimes talk with an open bite.


Crossbite is a misalignment between either the front teeth, back teeth or both.


Crowding means that the tooth row has too many teeth chaotically located to accommodate them.


Patients with spacing have gaps between the teeth which can in some cases be quite large.

Misplaced midline

Misplaced midline means that the center of your upper teeth and back teeth are not aligned.  

What is Invisaligh Express?

Fortunately, there is a solution to all of these problems. Invisaligh Express is a dental system perfect for patients with minor bite problems. It is also used to fix teeth crowding and spacing. Not only Invisalign Express is more affordable, it is also much easier to maintain every day.

Invisalign Express uses five to ten trays which must be updated every two weeks. You can discover how to order Invisalign Express bite correction system here: ttps://

If you have a major bite disorder, don’t worry as there are plenty of other orthodontic solutions designed to treat dental defects. Your orthodontist will advise you on them.

Live your life to the fullest and don’t let bite disorders make you feel uncomfortable! Today, it’s easier than ever before to treat dental defects thanks to incredible advances in the field of orthodontics.

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