The Best Place for Yoga in Lombok for Your Healing Trip

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There are many ways to relieve the stress you receive for your hectic daily routine in mega city. For those who want to have a vacation while maintaining their body and mind health, visiting Lombok Island in Indonesia is a great option. You can practice yoga movements in this island, and we have suggestions about the best place for yoga in Lombok.

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Lombok provides many yoga studios. In the list below, we will explain some of the Lombok’s yoga studios recommended by many travelers around the world.


  • Novotel Lombok: this exclusive and beach front resort, built with native Sasak architecture provides more than a place to stay. It offers activity galore and luxurious facilities for their guest to enjoy. This is surely a great choice for your family. There are several Yoga classes conducted at various schedules and it will be performed on the beach next to blue waters. Afternoon yoga is recommended to get the best view.
  • Ashtari: this restaurant has a Yoga platform made from wooden deck. A lot of Yoga classes for various skill levels are held in this platform. Engulfed by quiet green forest, these places allow you to focus on your yoga practice and help you find your inner peace. You can also grab some healthy beverages and delicacies to enjoy the views with your family or friends.
  • H2O Yoga and Meditation Center: this yoga center offers various holistic treatments for healing. This place is surrounded by wonderful natural landscape, ocean front, and beaches. The certified and skilled trainer provides opportunities for you to upgrade your Yoga skills. They also offer meditation retreat, a great program arranged to balance both mind and body. Comfortable and simple bungalows are available to stay in. In Zen Veranda, you can read various books about meditation, Yoga, and other relevant topics.
  • Mandala Seaview Yoga: located near the sparkling blue waters, this studio gives chilly atmospheres that make it easy for you to do several yoga postures. The essential techniques you need to practice is Synchronized breathing. It will help you blocks all negative thinking from your mind and relieve your stress. You can also try stretching your muscles and joint to gain more flexibility on your body. This studio also provides various interesting activities, including acro yoga techniques lesson, massage philosophy, and spiritual workshops.
  • Gili Yoga: this studio allows their visitors to transform, breathe, and sweat themselves through various expressive technique of Yoga. You can try all kinds of Yoga styles in this studio. There is also a program designed especially for anyone who want to learn as Yoga trainers. It also provides accommodation with Sasak design where you can stay in. Its design ensures its comfort and unique experience. You can also experience other activity such as free diving.

The lists above are some of places for yoga practice in Lombok Island. These studios will give you the best experience during your trip to Lombok. After this trip, you will surely be able to tackle all the work you will face in the future.

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