Benefits of Sweet Wormwood

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Artemisia annua is the common name for Sweet Wormwood plant. Its usage in traditional medicine is popular since thousands of years in the treatment of varieties of diseases. Mainly the herb is known for cure against malaria as it has the ability to destroy parasites residing in the body. Apart from this property, sweet wormwood has been clinically used for treatment against cancer as the plant shows the existence of certain anti cancerous agents.

What is the mechanism of Sweet Wormwood within the body?

Recent scientific studies have shown the evidence of this species which can be used as a valuable alternative to deadly types of carcinoma. Artemisinin is the main ingredient of Artemisia annua which is actually responsible for excellent immunity and strengthens pyretic conditions. Being a lactone component, Artemisinin exhibits pro-oxidant reactions when it comes across cells having high levels of iron. Cancer researchers have studied this pro-oxidant effect when Artemisinin interacts with cancer cells. To describe the mechanism chemically, it is observed that two atoms of oxygen present in the molecular structure of the protein breaks when iron molecules are present. This reaction produces selectively free radicals that in turn destroy the isolated iron molecules present in both malarial parasites and cancerous cells. Thus the herbal extracts of Sweet Wormwood inhibit cancer cell growth by attacking iron containing neoplastic cells generating free radicals.

Benefits of Artemisinin:

Sweet Wormwood plant has been an important part of Chinese folklore medicine as Qing Hao. Apart from exhibiting antifungal and antibacterial properties, the herbal extract has revealed remarkable cytotoxic mechanisms which have proved effective against cancer treatment. Other related benefits of Artemisinin include its role as an efficient antispasmodic, antiseptic, diaphoretic, carminative, emmenagogue, expectorant and a digestive tonic. The tonic form tastes bitter but exhibits effective action by secretion of bile in liver. Another astonishing fact unknown to many people, Artemisinin finds its usage in western medicine for treatment against reproductive system related disorders. It reduces abnormal bleeding during a prolonged menstrual cycle as well as subdues menstrual pain. It is boon for women having infertility issues as the extract efficiently enhances fertility chances in the womb.

Botanical studies show that Artemisinin is present in higher concentration as the predominant chemical compound in the leaves before flowering in Artemisia annua. One of the ethnopharmacology studies has revealed that forty percent of Artemisinin can be supplemented in the body through tea. It is often used in the treatment of purpuric rashes which is due to bleeding beneath the epidermal layer from vasculitis (swelling of blood vessels). Other general uses include curing scurvy or frailness of skin due to aging and psoriasis. The extract also helps to treat nose bleeding or epistaxis during blood heat conditions.

Safe dosage plans:

Different clinical reports have shown minimum chances of negative aftermaths from Sweet Wormwood supplements compared to other medications or drugs. However minor side effects like diarrhoea, nausea, abdominal pain, itching, rashes and vomiting have also been reported. Recommended dose of Artemisinin ranges between 100-200 mg taken thrice a day. If consumed according to the suggested dosage plan under expert supervision, the extracts of Artemisia annua can effectively inhibit cancer cell growth and prove beneficial for millions who die tragic deaths every year worldwide.

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