Antibiotics – When you should use them and when you shouldn’t

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Suppose you’re sick and you don’t have any idea about what is wrong with you. The only thing that you know is that you would love it if the doctor could put an end to your body ache, the headache and the painful cough. Once you meet your physician, you will most probably receive a prescription with an antibiotic as this is probably the best way to make you fit sooner.

Antibiotics are usually seen as wonder drugs and there are several reasons to consider them so. They have a track record of saving thousands of lives over the past century. There are often times when the patient demands an antibiotic from his doctor in order to recover as soon as possible. With the fact that you can buy antibiotics online, getting access to them has also become easier.

Antibiotics – What do they do?

Doctors often find patients who come to complain about their sinus pressure, cough, ear ache disappointed due to the fact that they don’t prescribe antibiotics. But it is not that antibiotics can cure all kinds of diseases.

Antibiotics are able to cure bacterial infections but they don’t work to fight infections which are caused due to viruses. Which are the illnesses that are viral and which are bacterial? Here are few instances of bacterial infections.

  • Pneumonia
  • Strep throat
  • Skin infections
  • Urinary tract infections

Few instances of viral infections are:

  • Flu
  • Cold
  • Most coughs
  • Bronchitis
  • Sore throats

Common ailments which need and which don’t need antibiotics

Cold and Flu

Often times, upper respiratory infections are called common cold and the disease called influenza is caused due to viruses. Antibiotics are there to kill bacteria. Antibiotics aren’t needed for relieving you from cold and flu. Rather than taking antibiotics, it is better to treat flu by getting vaccinated on time. You can even consult your doctor about taking some antiviral drug which can accelerate the process of your recovery.


As per a medical journal, acute bronchitis if occurred among adults who are otherwise healthy needn’t be treated with the help of antibiotics. However, there are exceptions too. If there are patients who have other complicating factors like pulmonary disease, they may receive antibiotics due to the fact that they are more prone to developing bacterial infections.


You should be aware of the fact that pneumonia is caused by various factors like viruses, bacteria and fungi. You can only be treated with the help of antibiotics when the doctor can easily recognize the definite bacteria which caused the infection. If it is viral pneumonia, you could use antiviral medications to treat this issue.

Hence, among the different kinds of diseases that one may suffer from, it is important for the patient and the doctor to know which kinds can be treated with antibiotics and which shouldn’t be treated with the same. Get in touch with a trustworthy physician who can give you the best medicines as per your disease.

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