Antibiotics and Weight Loss, What You Need To Know

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Antibiotics, when taken as prescribed for treating a disease, has a mere impact on human body along with eradication of the disease bacteria.

Antibiotics, as we all assume are bit harsh on the body, they clearly strike on the disease causing bacteria and cause water retention, thus resulting in weight loss. Primarily, these medications are never prescribed for weight loss yet it has always been observed that Antibiotic causes weight loss. The impact is so strong that one doesn’t feel hungry and thus doesn’t have proper diet as long as antibiotics are taken. This temporarily causes weight loss.

Antibiotics, not only does it kill the bad bacteria, it also goes in reaction with the gastrointestinal tract. An antibiotic obviously comes in contact with the good bacteria in our gut that is there naturally. Thus it turns the thing upside down. Overall, it depends how it reacts with the bacteria in the gut and cause weight gain or weight loss.

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Antibiotics as Means of Weight Loss

People in US and other parts of the country are quite worried of their weight gain. Though antibiotics may have been good for those who wished for weight loss, but after sometime, it is observed they also tend to gain weight as their bodies get back to normal routine.

Antibiotics have never been a solution to weight gain, yet the weight loss that occurs is temporarily as long as the body is under effect of antibiotics.  Moreover there are several means of weight loss that are less harmless, strengthening yet long lasting. Preferably weight gain has more to do with diet, than it might take place due to antibiotics.

Good ways for weight loss is intake of clean meals, ample of water and loads of exercises.  Instead of consuming antibiotics for the sake of weight loss, there are far better ways like choosing a weight loss program. What if in good place like Bali? Yes, it’s a wonderful idea to go there for a weight loss or detox program in a fun way.

Weight Gain Misconception

Antibiotics are usually blamed by masses for causing weight gain after some time of consumption.  As there are plenty of researches held in the medicine field regarding antibiotics and weight loss, a few researches explain that antibiotics if taken along with probiotics doesn’t cause that much of disturbance in the gastrointestinal tract. Probiotics like that found in yogurt are claimed to sooth the effect of antibiotics in the gut and everywhere else in the body that have also been shown to help weight loss. Yogurt and many natural food helps in building the good bacteria back in the body that are essential for immune system.

Weight loss can be held by natural ways, not only medicines can help you lose weight, staying positive and a lot of hard work can result in weight loss. Sticking to the idea of weight loss until the goal isn’t achieved is the best way to lose weight. Certain weight gain cases as an antibiotic side effect can also be treated by weight loss program.

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