Alcohol Addiction Treatment: Knowing the Best Facility to Choose

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 Some of the programs rehab facilities may offer include:

  • Inpatient services
  • Outpatient services
  • A combination of both inpatient/outpatient services

Regardless of the type of rehab facilities you choose, the registration process is more or less the same and conducted by a professional at the facility.

Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient treatment involves placing those battling addiction in a special facility away from their old environment. In this facility, they will be under strict round the clock supervision. The main aim here is to isolate them from their old lives that may fuel their addiction habits. This kind of treatment is readily recommended to those with a long history of drug addiction or a simultaneous mental health condition referred to as dual diagnosis.

Inpatient treatment may possible take place in mainly two different locations:

  • A private residential facility – this kind of residential inpatient support will not offer regular access to healthcare professionals. Conversely, there is a 24hour support and care from staff. Also, medical services can be arranged if needed.
  • A hospital – a hospital presents 24-hour inpatient support like health care and supervision from medical personnel.

Other inpatient treatment facility include

Executive inpatient facilities provide a high-brow setting where busy professionals can be allowed access to their normal daily activities while concurrently running their inpatient addiction treatment. While luxury inpatient facilities, on the other hand, offer world class amenities in a resort-like environment. Thus guaranteeing a more comfortable and hospitable stays for clients.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient programs share the same ideals and methods as an inpatient treatment program, with the only contradiction being that, you are allowed to return back to your place of residence at the end of your treatment daily. Outpatient program offers patients the opportunity to go back to their loved ones and carry out any responsibilities that they may have.

Outpatient care is most times recommended for those with less severe or mild forms of addiction and is highly discouraged for those with an acute, long-term or severe addiction problem, likewise those diagnosed with dual diagnosis condition.

Access to Full Recovery

Recovery for a majority of the patients does not end after the completion of their rehabilitation program. In honesty, for many of them, it is a lifelong battle that they have to struggle with every day for the rest of their lives. Conversely, others may find overcoming addiction easier than others. Just like for most things in life, there will be tough and turbulent periods. So discipline in conjunction with unwavering support is very critical to preventing a relapse.

Prior to the final departure of patients from the rehab program, they will meet with counsellors to discuss aftercare plans. In the same fashion, a number of rehab centers offer programs to assist patients long after their addiction program has ended.

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