7 Herbal Skin [and Hair] Treatments

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The growing popularity of the Mediluxe.ca medical spa is a sign that people not only want to look good, but they also want to feel good about it too.  Indeed, it is not just enough to look the part: you want to improve your health too.  

With that in mind, more and more people are getting into naturopathy or, simply, are more deliberate about the foods they eat. This not only means eating less processed foods but also looking for more plants, herbs, fruits, and vegetables that can provide nutrients necessary for losing weight of improving the complexion, among other things.Image result for 7 Herbal Skin [and Hair] Treatments

Bay Leaf

Commonly used to help season spaghetti sauces and stews, the bay leaf can actually be infused in water or soaps to improve skin health, particularly the scalp.  Bay can reduce the presence of dandruff and has also been shown to help stimulate hair growth.


Actually known as a generally mild antibacterial agent, burdock has also been known to help improve various skin conditions. Not topical, like bay, consuming burdock has been associated with reduction in acne, eczema, and even psoriasis. Simply slice this root and then soak it (so it is not so dry) and then add it to a stir fry. You can also replace or pair them with carrots (because they are similar) or just eat them raw (as in, part of a salad).


A somewhat common hair rinse ingredient, calendula actually helps to bring out natural gold highlights in hair.  Used in a salve, cream, or ointment,  calendula can also calm the skin and sometimes heal rashes, sunburn, and insect bites.

Gotu Kola

Chock full of a powerful anti-inflammatory agent known as  glucosides, gotu kola has actually been shown to reduce the severity of varicose veins.  However, this herb can also increase the rapid production of collagen as well as reduce the formation of scar tissue.


Perhaps most familiarly known as a tattooing element, henna has actually been used for more than 7,000 years to accentuate natural highlights in the hair just like calendula.

Nettle Leaves

Steeped as a tea or used as a facial steam, or even as a hair rinse, nettle leaves help to restore clarity and health throughout the body.

Roman Chamomile

Obviously, chamomile is commonly served in tea form but did you know that it is not just a pleasant floral aromatic. Indeed, drinking chamomile tea can actually be good for your digestive system, especially the intestines.  It can also improve gold highlights in your hair if you use it as an essential oil.

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