7 Amazing Facts about Amino Acids in Foods

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Protein is known as one of the most important fitness substances. However, this does not neglect the other compounds andminerals needed for healthy living. Amino acids are extremely important for health.

Amino acids have the ability to build our body and improve our immune system. These are considered as a combat aid to fight fat and increase the energy levels. Most of the energy drinks and whey products are made with a close concentration by combining substances that are rich in amino acids.

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7 Amazing Facts about Amino Acids in Foods

  1. An amino acid found in eggs, seaweed, and soy proteinfood products are considered to be good health foods. Eggs contain good level of amino acids. Some other names to remember are; kidney beans, lentils, soy products like tofu and tempeh. There are some fish and other poultry products like chicken that you may consider.
  1. It is certain that fat loss is no easy task.However, there are certain foods that will help to boost the process of fat loss. Foods consisting of amino help in enhancing the exercise performance and maintain the flow of oxygen in the body
  1. A cup served of legumes provide you about half of your daily intake of sulfur, that contains amino acids. On the other hand, nuts and seeds give you about 25% of your daily requirements of amino acids.
  1. If you consider the intake of whole grains, 30% of serving is more than enough to cover the loss of amino in your diet. You may gain another 15-25 % from one serving of vegetables.
  1. Another surprising fact about beans is that one cup of beans provides you about 50-60% of lysine that you need. These are included in the category of indispensable amino acids.


  1. An amino acid found in eggs, seaweed, and soy protein is extremely healthy for women. These help to maintain optimal performance while exercising and promote muscle growth.
  1. Amino acids containorganic compounds like carbon and hydrogen that are bound by eachother. The explanation may sound a bit technical to understand, but, it is as simple as in using a healing aid to increase life. In simple language, a combination of Proteins and Amino Acids, together build blocks of all living things.

Check the web for a list of foods that are rick in protein and amino acids.

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