6 Shaving Mistakes That Most Men Make

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You probably started handling a razor the moment you saw a strand of hair sprouting on your chin. This is some sort of a rite of passage for every male. However, have you ever thought that you could be doing things the wrong way all this while? Well, here are some of the mistakes you might be making in your shaving routine.

  1. Not preparing properly before shaving

You need to shave your facial hair after it’s properly relaxed and soft. Cold water may feel refreshing but it makes the shaving process difficult because it shrinks the pores and stiffens your hair making it hard for the shaving cream to penetrate and as result, irritation, uneven patches or even worse bleeding razor bumps after the shave.

Therefore, if at home you can use warm water to open the pores and relax your stubble or you may opt to shave immediately after a shower when your skin is still supple. If you decide to get a shave at your barbers, they always prepare your skin using a hot towel or some time in a steam room to make it easier and stress-free to cut.

  1. Applying too much force

When it comes to shaving, the lesser the pressure you use, the better. You may think that pressing harder gives you a closer shave but it only causes trauma and uneven surface to your skin.

Ensure that your razor blades are sharp enough to only use a light touch when shaving.

  1. Using the wrong tools

As much as razors blades are expensive, they should be changed at least after every five to six shaves or when hair starts getting clogged in it.  Cheap razors apart from giving you a horrible shave, they wear out quickly and are more likely to cause nicks.

A blade dulling rate depends on the thickness or coarseness of your hair. Avoid using dull blades as you are likely to experience severe irritation to your skin since you need to run over the hairs multiple times to get a close shave.

Depending on your preferences, you need to invest in quality shavers instead of putting your skin through torture.

  1. Skipping the shaving cream or gel

There is a reason why shaving creams were invented. It is to aid your razor in achieving a clean shave. Skipping a shaving cream or gel puts you at a risk of the dreaded irritation or even worse the unsightly razor bumps.

While at it, get shaving creams that contain a moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated and enable your razor to glide smoothly. Avoid the cheap shaving creams because their ingredients might be substandard and could cause more harm to your skin. Using soap instead of a cream or gel is not recommended as it contains ingredients that work against the shave.

  1. Shaving against the grain

This is the most common mistake most men make when it comes to shaving. As much as shaving against the grain guarantees a much closer shave, it comes with a myriad of problems ranging from unnaturally tagging the hair, causing razor burns and skin irritation as well as preventing the nasty razor bumps caused by ingrown hairs.

Consider shaving along the grain as there’s lesser resistance and pressure on the skin.

  1. Neglecting the aftershave

You should ensure that you use an aftershave immediately after shaving. This is because your skin is exposed and needs to re-hydrate post shaving.

Pick an aftershave with natural ingredients like shea butter or olive oil as they lock In moisture better and are not too greasy.


When all has been said and done, one thing is for sure. You may be required to adjust your shaving routine so as to master how to get a perfectly clean shave and purchase high quality skincare products so as to avoid mistakes that could prove costly in future.

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