5 Important Tips for Crossfit Beginners

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Fitness is no longer an option today. It is a lifestyle that many people are adopting and are swearing by. Given the modern day eating habits and erratic work schedule it has become extremely important to look after one’s body and maintain a certain level of fitness. Due to this there are a lot of different fitness regimens coming up. One such regimen that has taken over the fitness enthusiasts like a storm is crossfit.

If you are a beginner into the world of Crossfit Los Angeles, then here are a few tips that would be handy before you start your first session.

  • Do Not Get Intimidated

Many studios would have people who are far more advanced in crossfit exercise. Watching them in action can be quite intimidating for the beginners. They can really make an impression and make you feel like a wuss. However, remember even they were just like you when they started. They have reached that stage only after putting in some hard work.

  • Start Slow

Being around other crossfit enthusiasts can have this effect on the beginners. It is easy to get swayed away into trying too much too soon. Watching them squat at a fast pace can motivate you as well to do the same and achieve the same speed. However, you may risk some major injuries here. Your start need not be intense. You can go slow in the beginning and then start building up intensity slowly. You don’t need to do too much too soon.

  • Warm Up Your Body

Crossfit involves a lot of intensity. So, it is important for you to warm up your body properly before you start a crossfit session. Many people like to just do a few rounds of skipping of jogging on the same spot before they get into crossfit session. This small form of exercise helps them warm up their muscles. Similarly, it is also important to set up a cooling regimen after the crossfit training so that your body gets adequate time to recover.

  • Wear Right Clothes

Each kind of fitness regimen requires a certain type of clothing. Crossfit also requires you to wear clothing that is comfortable and not very restrictive. Avoid wearing loose fitting clothes or baggy clothes because they may give you the flexibility you need but may also get tangled up in the equipment or during one of the moves. Also avoid wearing clothes that do not let your skin breath. Remember the intense workout will leave you sweating and you need a pair that lets your body breathe to cool down.

  • Hire a Crossfit Trainer

Just like any other fitness regimen, it is better to hire a professional trainer to work with you. They are better equipped to design a program that suits your body. They would also help you attain right posture when exercising so that you don’t hurt yourself. They can identify which exercises should be clubbed together in one session for your body type.

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