4 Top Reasons to Receive the Facial Hair Transplant

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Facial hair transplant is one of most selected options among men to enhance the looks and appeal. It is the second important part of the hair restoration surgery that requires the same step of the procedure, except the hairline, making the design that is totally different from the scalp hairline design. The beard hair transplant, moustache, body, and eyebrow hair transplant are all the part of the facial hair transplant in which the need of beard hair transplant is increasing enormously due to their importance of facial asset in men. The hair transplant in Mumbai survey says that around 40% of hair loss patients ask for beard hair transplant rather than any other restoration need. The hair transplant cost in Mumbai has not come under the budget option and that’s why a lot of hair loss patients headed to the other city like Jaipur and the capital, New Delhi.

Facial hair transplant is quite suitable for almost anybody for men who want a fuller beard look due to the religious region, men affected by the facial scars, and for transgendered people as well. However, the facial hair transplant is done to achieve the pleasing personality by enhancing the facial appeal by a simple procedure of hair restoration whether by the FUT or an FUE technique. The expert Surgeons perform the FUT technique of extracting the hair roots from the occipital and parietal part of the scalp that gives the permanent hair follicles. The extraction of hair roots is same as that of the scalp hair transplantation along with the remaining steps of the procedure, i.e., the hair roots dissection and the placement of graft, but the making of hairline design for the beard hair transplant is totally a different task that needs precision and an in-depth skill of the cosmetic surgeons.

Top 4 reasons for Choosing the Facial Hair Transplant is as follows:

  1. To improve the Facial scars: The facial hair transplant is performed to hide the facial scars due to accidental burn, accidental cuts or some injuries. The facial hair transplant can be done to re-correct the shape of eyebrows, to improve the fuller beard appearance and the most important for achieving the hipster beard as according to patient’s wish and expectations. Now facially-challenged men can achieve the best solution of their problem by receiving the facial hair restoration surgery.
  2. To get the stylish look by achieving the hipster beard: It is now in fashion to grow the beard in a hipster style for which a person needs the dense-packed beard and hence beard hair transplant is demanded. In Mumbai, most of the people have wished to get the chance in the cinema industry that motivated them to head to the hair transplant clinics.
  3. To receive the dense-packed Eyebrow: The eyebrow hair transplant is an essential restoration procedure that gives you the natural hair restoration result for an eyebrow hair transplant if performed by the best hair transplant Surgeon. The need of receiving the dense-packed eyebrow or to hide the accidental scars on the eyebrow division. The eyebrow hair transplant enhances your facial appeal by giving the thick and dense-packed eyebrow with a very natural eyebrow line design.
  4. Moustache hair transplant: Moustache hair transplant is also a part of the facial hair transplant that helps in grooming your facial appeal. Many men are desired to look dashing and that will motivate them to receive the moustache hair transplant surgery, which is a part of the hair restoration that enhances the facial profile as well.


On the whole, we can say that the facial hair transplant is like the scalp hair transplant in performing the various steps of the procedure, except the hairline design that is different from the scalp hairline as it has point-curve differences with respect to facial angle, profile and desire of the hair transplant candidates.

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