3 ways in which maida can have a harmful effect on your health

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To understand the basic idea of refined flour extracted from grains, it is important to know the parts of the whole grain. An overall grain comprises of three parts, bran, germ, and endosperm. The bran is the outermost part of the grain and has vitamin b complex, fiber and antioxidant. The endosperm is the next layer and is full of starch. The most interior part is the germ which contains vitamin B complex, vitamin E, protein, and minerals. Companies remove the exterior and the internal part in order to produce the refined flour.

The Effects on Health

The maida in english is known as refined flour which is white in color. There are some popular foods made of this, such as cakes, cookies, pizza, bread, pasta, doughnuts, etc. These foods are known as healthy foods as their main ingredient is white flour. Apart from the white flour, these foods contain oil, flavors, sugar, and preservatives. All of these together make the foods which are known as junks. The refined flour has unsaturated fat and an excessive amount of starch and no fibers. To maintain a healthy diet, one needs protein, vitamins, minerals these entire in equal amount. The companies try to remove all the excellent and nutrient part of the grain during the process of making refined flour which gives the elasticity to the dough.

The vitamins and minerals are essential in the diet, and they fortify the enzymes of the body. The enzymes are the catalyst that helps to digest foods easily. One needs to incorporate vitamin and minerals if their diet consists of junk foods. Without these vitamins and minerals, the tissues become reluctant to secrete enzymes, and that leads to a serious health condition.  The white flour causes obesity, which is one of the diseases that are prolific among the people who rely on junks which are having flour as the main ingredient. For instance, the flour does not have macro and micronutrients. These help to feel satiate and full for a long term rather they tend to deposit fat around the abdominal area. But, refined white flour made foods do not satisfy the cravings as the starch breaks down easily it triggers excessive cravings.

Excessive Maida intake causes cardiovascular disease among people. Several types of research indicate refined flour is full of harmful fat that increases the bad cholesterol in the body. It does not control the blood pressure level and causes the heart blockage; this also increases inflammation in the body. The oil is also helpful for the skin; it reduces the fine lines and wrinkles. The food that contains white flour and sugar causes diabetes as it increases the secretion of the insulin in the body. Insulin is a hormone that regulates the sugar in the blood; refined flour ruins the balance of the insulin secretion.

In conclusion, it can be said that refined flour has several severe effects on human health. It slows down the digestive process as it lacks vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other essential nutrients. It does not provide the energy that the body needs to stay agile throughout the day. Additionally, it deposits fat to the muscle and makes the muscle frail and ruins the structure. If anyone wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle one needs to cut down foods that contain refined flour.

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