10 Ideas for a healthy prostate

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When it comes to prostate health, many men simply don’t know how to maintain it. Number of people diagnosed with prostate cancer is on rise, so it is important for men to realize the symptoms and prevent it in time. This article talks about some of the tips and guidelines that men should know to improve prostate health.

Following is the list of helpful tips on improving prostate health and some guidelines on benign prostate enlargement:

  1. Pelvic exercises go a long way in strengthening your pelvic muscles. It is the most ignored part of body when it comes to exercise. A healthy pelvis is necessary for maintaining your lower abdomen, scrotum and prostate glands in optimum condition.
  2. Enlarged prostate often leads to diseases like Urinary tract infections, Candida and prostatitis. Candida and Urinary tract infections are the most common among men. So, at the early signs of an enlarged prostate, go and do a check-up with your physician. However, enlargement of prostate is common with increasing age and in most cases, doesn’t cause any disease. So, if you are below 35 and have noticed a significant increase in prostate, only then should you be worried.
  3. It is important to flush out toxins from body and that can only be achieved when you drink plenty of water. Number one cause of kidney stones is de-hydration, so stay hydrated always.
  4. Your prostate gland has one very important function among others, and that is to produce testosterone. Testosterone as you may know is the critical hormone for men. Any decline in testosterone level leads to many health disorders. So, if you are diagnosed with a testosterone deficiency, then it is recommended to take testosterone pills. You might use a herbal supplement like Testogen, read the detailed Testogen review before buying.
  5. Animal proteins are hard to digest compared to other forms of protein like wholegrains. So, stick to a vegan diet as much as possible and eat meat sparingly. This is crucial especially if you are already suffering from prostate problems.
  6. Putting on lot of weight in a short span of time also causes affects your prostate health. So, remain active and at-least keep a tab on what you eat.
  7. It is a good idea to maintain a journal for your progress. It will help you understand what is working for your body and adapt accordingly.
  8. Prostate gland is linked with hormonal balance. So, if you think that just taking vitamin pills is enough then you are dead wrong. If you have a hormonal imbalance, then it is advisable to take hormone boosting pills as suggested above.
  9. Your mind can also do wonders, have positive thoughts about your health and it will help in improving your overall health including prostate.
  10. According to recent study, Melatonin also helps in maintaining proper balance of Estrogen and Testosterone in men. One of the main reason for enlarged prostate is due to rise in Estrogen level in men. By taking about 1-3 mg. of melatonin daily can keep your Estrogen in check. The thing you should remember is that melatonin pills should only be taken during night time so that they don’t interfere with the natural process of melatonin production during daytime.

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