10 Bese Exercises to Grow Taller

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Height plays a major role in enhancing one’s persona. It can be a serious concern if you are shorter than your colleagues and other family members. You feel sometimes awkward and embarrass when it comes to your height when you are in public. But no doubt people are always eager to grow their height in any possible way.

The excellent way to increase height is combining an exercising routine with a proper diet. Regular exercise helps in toning body muscles; it releases the growth hormones which are accountable for height gain.

Here are some stretching exercises that you should do for effective results.

  1. Bar Hanging

Hanging on a bar is the easiest way to combat this short height concern. Hanging makes the lower physique load stretch the spine and reduces the stretch on the vertebrates. The hanging results in increasing the height by 2-3 inches, though not instantly.  Follow the process for at least 3- 4seconds with a gap in between and repeat 4-5times for better results.

  1. Cobra Stretch

Stretching your spine makes it supple and flexible. Cobra stretch is helpful for the growth of the bone between your vertebrae that results in an increase in your vertical height naturally at home.

Simply lie face down with both palms on the floor under your shoulder. Press the floor arching your spine up leading your chin to form an angle. Make sure to keep your elbows close to your body, pull your shoulder back as much as possible. Minimum 5 reps should be done with repetition lasting for 30seconds.

  1. Forward Spine Stretch

Sit straight on the floor with your feet in front. Inhale and extend your arms out touching the tips of your toes. Make sure that you don’t bend your knees while doing so. Exhale.

If you can touch the toes, keep stretching, even more, to keep your spine flexed. Initially, you may find it difficult, but the accurate position can be achieved through practice.

  1. Alternate Leg Kick

This exercise resembles with swimming, the only difference is that it is not practiced in the pool. Alternate leg kick target on your lower physique strengthens it and makes it strong so that you can stand tall.

Lie down in a position with your stomach on the floor. Stretch your one hand and opposite leg off the floor as much as possible without bending your knees. Stick in the position for 5-6 seconds and then come down to the normal position and relax. Repeat the process with other hand and alternative leg.

  1. Skipping Rope

When it comes to growth factor, you can’t miss skipping rope. If you are not comfortable in doing exercises, skipping rope is a type of workout that works out beneficial for you in many ways.

It can lose your weight, increases height and improves the body stamina.

  1. Pelvic Shifts

The pelvic shift is one of the most effective exercises to increase height which targets the lower spine and the hips.

  • Lie on your back with arms settled on the floor.
  • Bend your knees and shift your feet closer
  • Curve your back and thrust your pelvis upwards
  • Stay in the position for 10-30seconds
  1. Hopping

Hopping can be done anywhere, between your course of playing in the park or doing any other work. Start hopping with your right leg 10times with your hands pointing the sky and then hop with your left leg in the same way.

The bounce in the body is actually very favorable for brain development; it also increases the growth hormones and strengthens your legs.

  1. Forward Bend

Forward bend is widely followed exercise to grow taller. Stand straight with your legs slightly apart. Inhale and extend your hands straight. Bend forward, without bending your knees touch the floor. Exhale. Return to the normal position.

  1. Pilates Rollover

Start off by lying down on the floor on your back with your arms and palms facing down. Keep your legs closer and extend them straight towards the sky, bend them backward such that they touch the floor. You might not touch the floor at the initial stage, but with practice, it will get easier. Try to stretch yourself as much as you can, stretching makes your spine lengthens making you look taller.

  1. Wall Stretch

Stand straight against a wall and stretch your hand upward to the possible extent. Make sure you keep your spine flat against the wall. Each repetition of this exercise should be done for 5seconds. The wall stretch is somewhat harder than it looks.

Along with a healthy diet and proper nutrition, exercises also play a decisive part in the improvement of the height. The above stretching exercises if done regularly boost your immunity and ease the growth of the body.

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