10 Benefits of Probiotics

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 I’m sure you’ve heard something somewhere about the benefits of probiotics by now. Whether it was the label of a yogurt container or an article in a health magazine, people are catching on to the health benefits and healing powers of probiotics. You can find probiotics lurking in yogurt, dairy, meats, fermented veggies and of course special supplements. Whether you’re totally sold by the magical benefits of probiotics or not, there’s definitely something there that gave this thing a name.

In fact, more research is being done and the benefits of probiotics go far beyond “superfood” status. Probiotics can compete with and even do more to help you than some of the big name drugs and medications out there. Probiotics are joining the big leagues now with more information about how they work and how important keeping a clean gut is to your mental and physical health. The gut-brain connection is something to read more about because it turns out that 95% of your serotonin is secreted in your gut.. not your brain! This means that focusing on gut health can solve more than just stomach issues, gut health and a healthy production of serotonin can help your body fight many different types of diseases.

What Are Probiotics

Probiotics are a complex asset to human health that are often overlooked and undervalued but more and more recently, they have been turning heads in the medical community. So what are probiotics exactly? Simply put, they are live bacteria and yeasts that strengthen and benefit your digestive system and, in-turn, other areas of your health. They are often called “good” bacteria because they fight off bad bacteria and keep things in balance. They are naturally found in your body but can often be aided and supplemented using different food sources or specific probiotic supplements.

One of the most common is called Lactobacillus which is found in fermented foods and can really help with digestion problems and diarrhea. Another is Bifidobacterium which can be found in some dairy products and also helps to benefit the health of your gut.Image result for 10 Benefits of Probiotics

The Many Benefits of Probiotics

Got a problem? Probiotics could actually solve it. Seriously, there are many ways in which these friendly bacteria can benefit your health and make you feel great. Here are just a few of the many benefits probiotics can have on your body:

  1. Reduces Inflammation & Obesity

The composition of the gut has been directly related to a range of various changes and diseases in your body anywhere from inflammation to obesity. Having the wrong levels of healthy bacteria in your gut can drastically effect your health and ability to lose weight. Using the right probiotics to influence your gut will have a beneficial effect on your body from the inside out.

  1. Helps with Acne & Skin Conditions

Some researchers have found that there are quite clear connections between the gut and what’s going on with your skin. Often, instead of treating skin issues topically, it can be more beneficial in the long run to treat the issues from the inside with various probiotic supplements.

  1. Balances Blood Pressure & Cholesterol Levels

If you’re looking to lower your cholesterol, there are some pretty easy solutions in the form of pretty everyday foods. The strain of probiotics called lactobacillus reuteri are found in dairy and meat and may be able to lower your count by as much as 9 percent.

  1. Keeps Your Lady Bits Happy

If you have one, your vagina can be a bit temperamental when it comes to finding the right balance of healthy bacteria. The right probiotics can restore a healthy balance of microflora and healthy bacteria. This can solve uncomfortable issues with bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections or urinary tract infections. Get yourself some probiotics girl!

  1. Quiets Crying Babies

Babies cry, it’s inevitable, but a few studies have shown that moms that take probiotic supplements were able to cut down on the amount that their breastfed babes cried. One study notes that the babies whose moms were on probiotics cried 194 minutes less than the others. Now that is something to celebrate!

  1. Diarrhea Treatment for Babies

Babies and small children alike can find relief from diarrhea and similar issues by being introduced to certain versions of probiotic therapy. The risk of infectious diarrhea is high among the young ones but with the right probiotics on the job, the mess and misery can be ended much sooner.

  1. Relieves IBS Issues

Those that suffer from IBS know that food is a constant struggle and what you put in your body tends to have mysterious effects on how you feel. Fortunately, research has found that IBS is very controllable with the help of probiotics and their connection between the gut and mind, there’s relief right around the corner.

  1. Keeps Teeth Healthy

Add tooth protection to the long list of skills that these superhero probiotics have. Certain probiotics like “lactobacillus reuteri” help your teeth stay strong and healthy by killing off the harmful bacteria that causes your teeth to decay and become overrun by gingivitis and bleeding gums.

  1. Treats & Prevents Autism

Research has found that in this antibiotic filled world, it is good for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers to supplement with probiotics since antibiotics can decrease the ability to transfer beneficial bacteria from the mother to the baby. Probiotics have also been known to benefit those suffering from autism and

  1. Fights Migraines, Depression & Neuro Psychiatric Illnesses

New research done by UCLA has found that the ties between the gut and the brain and how the two communicate may be a key in how to solve neurological issues. Treating the gut first is about to become a much more popular and safe solution to many of the current remedies for migraines, depression and other brain related illnesses and issues.

Jump on the Bandwagon

It’s a great idea to start adding foods to your diet that naturally have probiotics that can benefit your digestion and gut health. No matter what issues you’re dealing with, gut health is often an area that can be improved on and quite literally affects everything that goes on in your body. You can also purchase live culture probiotic supplements but make sure find the kinds that actually have live cultures in them for maximum effect. You will also need to pay attention to how they are stored and take them as directed. Consulting your physician is always a good idea when changing your supplement regimen.  You will be pleasantly surprised by the amount of health and changes that will come when you intentionally add probiotics to your diet.

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